Welcome to The Arty House!

What is The Arty House?
A space for art therapy…
A space to hold your own workshops and events…
A venue for hire or accommodation…
A developing creative community…

The Arty House is a purpose-built studio and venue that holds something for everyone, of any age and at any stage – from art therapy workshops that support creative healing, sustainable living, and a healthy outlook, to a space for team building, small group functions or children’s parties with an Arty flavour, to Arty accommodation for a family holiday or retreat.

Overlooking the hills lining the Wairoa River, the Arty House sits in a peaceful rural setting just 10 minutes from Tauranga. Its grounds are also home to a small, developing community of like-minded people exploring concepts such as permaculture, gift economy, and social enterprise.

At The Arty House there’s always something going on – workshops, festivals, tree pruning and gardening, parties and events, peaceful time with the chooks and goats. Please explore our website and find out how your own creative energy can be tapped into at the Arty House.

“Through art, anyone can grow their creative confidence. Developing our creative muscles improves our ability to solve problems, understand and express emotions, manage stress and set goals, and just have more fun!”

“Art is Therapy!”
– Arty House founder Janice Higgison